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Prevention of corruption

The goal is to create an effective system of preventing and combating corruption in the State Enterprise “Classification Society the Shipping Register of Ukraine” (hereinafter – the Register) by ensuring that the Register’s employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities through the implementation of effective anti-corruption standards.

Expected results:

  • minimisation of the risks of involvement of the Register’s management and employees into corrupt activities;
  • increased awareness of the Register’s employees of the need to comply with the principles and requirements of anti-corruption legislation, as well as to take adequate measures to prevent corruption;
  • generalisation and explanation of the main provisions of the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine on prevention of corruption, conflict of interest, violation of ethical standards of behaviour;
  • creation of additional tool for detecting violations of anti-corruption legislation.

Report on anti-corruption legislation violations

In order to eliminate corrupt business practices, the Shipping Register of Ukraine cooperates with persons who report in good faith possible violations of anti-corruption legislation.

If a person has information about corruption or corruption-related violations, he/she may send the information that he/she has about these facts to the Register’s address with a mandatory indication in the subject line or on the envelope: “For the authorised person for combating corruption”.

In addition, reports of alleged violations of the Register’s Anti-Corruption Programme, anti-corruption legislation, professional ethics requirements, etc. may be sent via the following communication channels:

– post address: 10 Petra Sahaidachnoho St., Kyiv, 04070

– telephone: +380 67-236-33-39

– e-mail: [email protected];

PLEASE NOTE: All reports will be reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the law, and an anonymous report of a violation of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption” will be reviewed only if the information provided in it relates to a specific person and contains verifiable facts.

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Anti-corruption programme of the Register

Anti-corruption programme of the State Enterprise “Classification Society the Shipping Register of Ukraine”

Specially authorised entities in the field of combating corruption

List of the key anti-corruption laws and regulations


United Nations Convention against Corruption (Law of Ukraine of 18 October 2006 No. 251-V)

Civil Convention on Corruption (Law of Ukraine of 16 March 2005 No. 2476-IV)

Criminal Convention on Corruption (Law of Ukraine of 18 October 2006 No. 252-V)

Additional Protocol to the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption (ETS 191) (Law of Ukraine of 18 October 2006 No. 253-V)

Laws of Ukraine:

Law of Ukraine dated 14.10.2014 No. 1700-VII “On Prevention of Corruption”

Law of Ukraine dated 07.04.2011 No. 3206-VI “On Principles of Prevention and Counteraction to Corruption”

Law of Ukraine dated 14.10.2014 No. 1698-VII “On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine”

Law of Ukraine dated 14.10.2014 No. 1699-VII “On the Principles of State Anti-Corruption Policy in Ukraine (Anti-Corruption Strategy) for 2014-2017”

The President of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine