Dear friends and partners!

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our national classification society – Shipping Register of Ukraine. On the way of formation and development there were various obstacles, but our team of professionals each time confirmed in practice the slogan – "Safety first!"

We confidently step into the European future and, despite the obstacles, embody the tasks of European integration. Many important things have been done to approach European Union legislation, policies of transparency and impartiality, gaining competitiveness and building a model of work that makes corruption risks impossible.

Today, the martial law forces us to work at the limit of human capabilities, but for the sake of the future of our state in the field of transport, for the sake of the development of economy of Ukraine, we are ready to overcome inconvenient icebergs on our way.

Providing a high level of services in the market, finding a new partnership and developing international relations are integral part of the team's work at our classification society. Thus, we actively cooperate with international organizations, maritime administrations and classification societies. Implementing the thoughts and dreams of those who were at the very beginning of the launch of activities, the Register confidently confirms its right to exist now and the implementation of the strategy for further ambitious goals in the future.

I sincerely congratulate all my colleagues on the anniversary of the Shipping Register of Ukraine. I wish you to be healthy, inspired, creative and strong on the way to our new victories.

Glory to Ukraine!

Best regards

General Director of the Register

Sergii Gurskyi


The Register is a national classification society that carries out technical supervision and classification of civilian ships, mixed and inland navigation and small vessels.
Within the powers delegated to it, in accordance with the provisions of the Code for recognized organizations, by the Government of Ukraine and governments of other countries, it carries out reviews within its competence in accordance with the requirements of international conventions, agreements and treaties to which these countries are parties. It is an independent technical organization of experts and acts impartially and neutrally.
The Register is an inspection body accredited in accordance with the provisions of the international standard ISO/IEC 17020 and has a quality management system that meets and is certified for compliance with the applicable requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, as evidenced by the relevant certificates. The company participates in the implementation of national and international rules and standards in accordance with the powers of governments.
It establishes technical requirements, develops regulations to ensure safe navigation of ships and the level of safety in accordance with their purpose, protection of human life of ship crews and passengers and safety of transported cargo at sea and inland waterways, prevention of pollution from ships, performs surveys in accordance with these requirements, classifies ships, establishes gross and net tonnage of seagoing and mixed navigation vessels and measurement characteristics of inland navigation vessels and small vessels classified by the Register.
The Register's activities are carried out on the basis of the Rules issued by the Register and are aimed at determining whether the objects of technical supervision comply with the Rules and additional requirements.
The Rules for ship classification and construction are published on the Register's website:


1. Technical supervision over the construction, refitting, repair and modernization of ships, ship machinery, equipment, devices, refrigeration units with keeping records of supervised vessels and publishing the Register Book.
2. Technical supervision of vessels in operation by conducting periodic and extraordinary inspections and issuing documents on the vessels' seaworthiness.
3. Convention certification of ships on behalf of Maritime Administrations, as well as certification of safety management systems, certification of ship security systems and certification for compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention.
4. Technical supervision of the condition of hydraulic structures and technical supervision of measuring works with the maintenance of the Register of Hydraulic Structures under the technical supervision of the Register.
5. Recognition of companies that perform works/services in accordance with the requirements of the Register Rules.
6. Approval of materials and products used for ships and floating craft with the Register class.
7. Technical supervision of containers during construction and operation.
8. Technical supervision over the manufacture of small vessels and their identification during production.
9. Approval of draft standards, guidelines, technical specifications, and other regulatory documents for shipbuilding, ship repair, and fleet maintenance.
10. Certification of quality management systems. On the basis of the Shipping Register of Ukraine, the Management System Certification Body within the international certification system - System of International Certification and the Voluntary Certification Body within the certification system of the Shipping Register of Ukraine, registered with the State Standard of Ukraine, successfully operate.


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State Enterprise "Classification Society the Shipping Register of Ukraine" (hereinafter referred to as the Register) is a national classification society established by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 1998, but the Register started its activities as early as 1931 as the Dnipro Inspection of the Register.
Gaining independence brought a number of challenges to maritime professionals. Changing the system of planning, agency, and technical operation of the fleet, creating modern regulatory documentation, registering ships under the Ukrainian flag, and supervising their technical condition are just a small list of tasks that the management of the maritime industry of the young state faced and needed to be addressed as a matter of priority.
Following the adoption of the Merchant Shipping Code by the Verkhovna Rada in December 1994, legal conditions were created for the organization and further activities of the national classification society in independent Ukraine.
The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 08.06.1998 No. 814 "On Improvement of Technical, Classification and Shipping Supervision in Maritime and River Transport" established a single maritime and river national classification society - the Shipping Register of Ukraine. In accordance with this resolution, the Shipping Register of Ukraine was established on the basis of the liquidated Ukrainian State Inspectorate of Shipping Register and Safety (State Shipping Inspectorate) and the Ukrainian Register of Shipping and became their legal successor.
Today, the stability and quality of services provided by the Register is guaranteed by the internal quality management system (QMS), which was developed and implemented in 2000, is being kept up to date and constantly improved. This is confirmed by certificates of compliance of the Register's QMS with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The relevance of the certificates, and, accordingly, the current QMS of the Register, is regularly confirmed by periodic acts of the independent certification body SIC in the international certification system with accreditation in the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).
In its activities, the Register is aimed at constantly development and improving the organizational and qualification level of its specialists who are able to fulfill the requirements of clients regarding efficiency, competence, impartiality and ethical standards.
The main purpose of the Register is to meet the existing and anticipated needs of service customers, as well as to constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of QMS . To this end, the management of the Register has formed and distributed at all levels of the enterprise:
- Code of Ethics;
- General policy and strategy;
- Quality policy;
- Goals and obligations in the field of quality.

The Register is accredited in the international accreditation system GAS as a Type A Inspection Body (accreditation certificate dated 18.11.2022 No. GAS.ІV.804.039).
On the basis of the Register, a voluntary certification body was established, which is notified in the international independent certification system SIC (certificate of notification dated 09/24/2021 No. SIC.СВ.804.009) for the certification of management systems. Currently, the quality management systems of more than 150 enterprises are certified in the certification systems of the Register and SIC.
The Register has been delegated the authority to certify Ukrainian ships and shipping companies operating them for compliance with ISM Code requirements with the right to issue relevant documents.


1. To require from the administrations of ships, enterprises and institutions data and documents providing, as well as other necessary information.
2. To suspend works on those vessels and facilities which are being built and repaired under its supervision, to prohibit their operations in case of violation of the established rules and requirements, or environmental pollution.
3. To make decisions based on appropriate justifications (calculations, research results, operational experience and other materials) that are not regulated by the Rules of the Register, provided that the required level of safety is ensured.
4. To interact in accordance with the established procedure with international organizations, foreign institutions, firms and their representatives, as well as with foreign citizens on issues within the competence of the Register.
5. To conduct foreign economic activity and carry out commercial transactions in the foreign trade market related to the activities of the Register in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.
6. To create regional and representative offices, branches and other separate divisions (with the right to open current settlement accounts in Ukraine and abroad) and approve provisions on them, develop tariffs for the payment of works performed by them.
7. To enter into agreements and contracts arising from its statutory activities, including banking transactions with enterprises, organizations, institutions, firms and individuals, in accordance with the established procedure, both in Ukraine and abroad.
8. To represent Ukraine's interests in the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and other organizations whose activities are related to the classification of ships and floating structures, and the supervision of the implementation of international conventions.
9. To enter into agreements (contracts) with foreign classification societies.
10. To easily visit ships, shipbuilding and ship repair plants and shipyards, ports, as well as organizations and enterprises that design and manufacture materials, products and equipment for shipbuilding and ship repair, if these works are performed under its supervision.
11. To extend the validity of ship documents and cancel documents if the technical condition of vessels or devices does not meet the requirements of the Rules of the Register.


1. The international rating of the Register has been raised - according to the published data (White, Grey & Black List - WGB-List) of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding of Flag States (Paris MoU), the Shipping Register of Ukraine has significantly improved its performance and risen in the rating. As of today, the national classification society has improved its position by three steps following three years of fruitful work and occupies a stable position in the middle of the "gray list", namely 21st out of 33 classification societies on the list.
2. Synchronization of the national provisions of the Register Rules with the relevant EU regulations - the Register Rules have been updated in accordance with the current requirements of the European Directives and standards applicable to ships.
3. The established financial performance indicators of the company were met - despite the full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, safe working conditions for the Register's personnel were determined and ensured, measures were taken to optimize and reduce the company's expenses, and accounts payable for the Register's services were reduced. The company has no wage arrears, taxes to the budget and other overdue debts.
4. The Shipping Register of Ukraine, as an independent business entity, ensures its economic and social development at the expense of income received for the work and services performed.
5. We have 7 regional offices in Ukraine, a representative office in Hungary and a staff of experienced inspectors.
6. Within its competence, the Register cooperates with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Danube Commission (DC), the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Maritime Administrations (MA), Foreign Classification Societies (FCS) and other international organizations and institutions.
7. We have been recognized under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways and have the authorization of the governments of Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia and Croatia.
8. We have valid agreements on delegation of authority to carry out conventional ship surveys and issue relevant certificates with the Maritime Administrations of Ukraine, the Union of the Comoros, the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Togo, the Republic of Palau, with information displayed on the website of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the section of recognized organizations of the GISIS information system.
9. Numerous agreements and memorandums of cooperation have been signed with recognized classification societies.
10. We regularly participate in working groups on technical issues under the European Committee for the Development of Common Standards for Inland Navigation.
11. Accredited as an inspection body in accordance with the international standard ISO 17020.
12. The quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 by an accreditation body that is a member of the International Accreditation Forum.
13. The supervised fleet of the Register consists of about 400 seagoing vessels, 963 inland navigation vessels, more than 80,000 small vessels, and we compile and publish the Register Book of Ships on our official website.
14. Together with the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Shipping Administration, we are taking steps to obtain recognition for compliance with Directive 2016/1629 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 September 2016 laying down technical requirements for inland navigation vessels.
15. In view of the full-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the company is working to provide services both within Ukraine and abroad. In addition to technical supervision of ships, the company carries out technical inspections of hydraulic structures, performs technical supervision of containers, carries out certification of management systems and certification of enterprises and products, examines technical documentation and develops and updates the Rules and Regulations of the Register.
16. We are developing new areas of activity related to the accession of SE "UkrNIIMF" to the Register.